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Bell 2008 Offer
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Date: 10.07.2008

Bell To Offer SkyBOOKS Electronic Logbook Subscription With New Helicopter Purchase!

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (October 07, 2008) - Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, is pleased to announce another major step in the advancement of our fleet management capability. Beginning with August 2008 Certifications at Bell's Mirabel location, Bell has introduced an electronic logbook offering with each new ship delivery. This quality product offering is powered by our leading-edge affiliate company, SkyBOOKS; an Aviation Management Solutions company.

SkyBOOKS specializes in flight operations automation, maintenance management compliance, and aircraft value protection. This product provides a service and technology platform that ensures your crew and aircraft remain mission ready and compliant. The electronic logbook is a web-based product supported by industry experts and dedicated analysts; folks that have cut their teeth in aviation support and technology development.

The SkyBOOKS Full Service logbook subscription is pre-funded by Bell Helicopter for the first two years; complementary as a result of your new ship purchase. Beginning with the serial numbers highlighted below, each ship will be delivered from Bell, or a designated Completion Center, with all current historical records and configuration data fully loaded into the web-based electronic logbook. The customer's SkyBOOKS account will be fully loaded with the "as built" and "as modified" serialized components, current maintenance manual inspection, life limits, lubrication schedules, AD/SB/ASB, instructions for continued airworthiness and wiring diagrams items all preloaded and ready-to-go as soon as the customer receives the aircraft.

Models and beginning serial numbers are:
  • 206B 4661 & sub
  • 206L 52383 & sub
  • 407 53861 & sub
  • 407GX & sub
  • 412 36491 & sub
  • 427 56069, 56071 & sub
  • 429 & sub
Delivery Data Package:
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Helicopter Logbook
  • Engine Logbook to include Engine Accessories, Life Limited Cards and CEB compliance.
  • Serialized Component List
  • W & B Report
  • Work Reports
  • HSR cards and index
  • Final Tech Data
  • STCs and associated ICAs
  • Airworthiness Approval Tags
  • AD, ASB and TB lists
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